IMG_0498Finance clerk by day, aspiring author by night. Actually, make that evenings and weekends. I’m not a night owl by any means. But I do like to think about my writing before bed. And I like to ramble, did I mention that?

In any case, I am an aspiring author from the province of Quebec. I’ve had two short stories published back in the day (meaning, the early 2000s, when I was a wee teenager. Gosh, don’t ask how old I am). One was about zombies and the other one was about an ornery old man who threatened kids off his lawn with a shotgun and then died. And nobody but one of the kids he threatened went to his funeral. I know, weird, right? Suffice to say, I have moved on from those types of stories and currently live in a world of swords, arrows, and crazy revenants (well, I’m sure you’re thinking, that is a little bit like zombies, no? Well, it isn’t… not really). In other words, the world of fantasy.

I’d like to say I’m as good as Joe Abercrombie or Mr. Martin, but that would be stretching it, a lot. I aspire to be the best writer I can be, and in the end, if that falls even a little short of the two aforementioned, I won’t mind. Because they’re awesome and so are many other authors. All I can do is keep writing and become a better writer than myself, because comparing oneself to great authors is much too stressful. Anyway, enjoy my little blog and hopefully one day, you can enjoy a book written by me.




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