Book Binding: my new hobby

If you’ve been following me along on twitter, you’ve probably seen my pictures of some of the handmade books I’ve made in the past few months. Bookbinding is something I picked up lately and I’ve been obsessed. It’s nice to create something out of nothing (much like writing, but less pressure, and well, with materials, not necessarily nothing).

Anyway, I’ve decided to share on this post what I’ve managed to create so far. My favourite method seems to be coptic stitch binding, mostly the method with two needles. I’ve also tried case binding, which I seem to suck at (there’s only one picture of this method, because I always manage to screw up the case somehow). Secret Belgian binding was fun, but I’ve only tried it once. And I’ve tried Celtic weave stitch binding once. That was difficult. I am really looking forward to trying out long stitch in the coming days during my vacation.

Awesome tutorial links:

Damask Love Tutorials

Celtic Stitch Tutorial – (Not in English)

Codex Book Binding

Stab Bound Journal Tutorial

SeaLemon YouTube Tutorials

Also, check out my pinterest board for more inspiration and links to great tutorials.

Have a great weekend!





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