Review: Nice is Just a Place in France by the Betches

15802681Nice is Just a Place in France is a humorous guide on “how to win at basically everything”. I’m hoping anyone who picks up this book realizes that it is satire. ‘Cause of the other reviews I read of it, some people didn’t get the memo. Look, it’s basically a spoof on how the rich, white, and skinny girl lives her life. Kind of like the guide the Mean Girls would write if they you know, stooped so low as to actually write something themselves.

All in all, this will be a short review. The book is divided into several chapters, with titles like “Image: How to Appear Unapproachable and Hot” or “Sex: Keep your Legs Closed and you Too can Rule the World”. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the one liners in this book. I even found myself recognizing some of these girls in my own pitifully small social circle. This is the kind of book to read for fun on a beach somewhere. It’s easy and fast to read (I read it in one sitting), and I think is more targeted toward the early twenty-somethings.

But please, don’t take it seriously. And for the love of God, take the advice with a grain of salt. Actually, don’t take the advice AT ALL.

You might end up becoming an actual bitch.

My rating: 3/5




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